green economy

Management and Technologies of Water, Waste Water, Waste and Circular Economy – WWW&CE

Baltic Sea Region-wide Center of Competence

Aim of the project:

Nowadays the biggest bottleneck is the significant skills shortage in many economic sectors like this is also in the environmental sector of Water, Waste Water, Waste and Circular Economy.

Through cooperation between educational institutions and industry, work-based learning is a prominent tool to eliminate bottlenecks and create conditions for further growth in innovative market segments.

Thus, the project partnership develops tools according to work-based learning principles that are piloted and evaluated and later available for everyone’s use.

  1. a training program for strong learners in the initial vocational training with six additional qualifications,
  2. a program with seven further vocational training courses,
  3. a train the trainer programme,
  4. an integration programme for the unemployed and
  5. a bachelor’s degree programme with 4 modules.

These programmes teach sector-specific skills in both environmental technologies and management.

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